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This page is about batteries, chargers, flashlights and sometimes other stuff. Mostly it is reviews, but sometimes I do write articles.
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Last additions: NiteCore UM4, 5V 2A Dual plug fast charger ETA-U90 EWE, Eizfan IMR20700 3100mAh (Black-yellow) 2018, Borbede BD-168B, Energizer C 2500mAh NH35 (Silver), Web W12-A2A, A123 ANR26650M1A 2300mAh (Green), Power Falcon 45W PS300E-ACT-10 UK, NiteCore UMS2, UNI-T UT191T, Eizfan IMR21700 5000mAh (Black-purple) 2019, ChargerLab PowerZ KM001C, Soshine C 5500mAh (White), Carprie Dual USB Car Charger, UltraFire CN18650 9800mAh (Yellow), 2USB Charger XKY-029, NiteCore UM2, HoldPeak HP-4201, VBatty 32700 3.2V 7000mAh (Grey), Electronic load Web UL-001 Enterprise, Soshine D 11000mAh (White), 6 Generation Portable 5V2A Double Ports A1444, Eizfan IMR21700 3750mAh (Black-cyan) 2018, Mustool MT108T, Efan X4 LCD charger, Small Oscilloscope DANIU DSO188, Molicel INR18650-P26A 2600mAh (Gray), Cabletime Dual QC car charger QK505, Turnigy Sub-C 5000mAh (Gray), Tanggood USB Type C Charger 25W PD 3.0 APSPD025WE-G, BLD 18650 3800mAh USB (Green), BSide ADM20, Golisi O4 Smart charger, Table with all tested LiIon batteries, Nitecore IMR18650 3100mAh (Yellow) 2018, Yojock USC-C PD 60W charger S-TR-140, Panasonic Sub-C 3000mAh HHR300SCP (Brown paper), Victor 98A+, Vapcell ICR18500 2000mAh (Green) 2018, 12V 1.25A Power supply S-15-12, Golisi O2 Smart charger, Olaf Dual Car charge with display 2.1A, Eizfan 18650 2600mAh (Black) 2018, PeakMeter PM18C

A good hobby meter at a rather low price. Code: 377c78 My review
Banggood has some discount on the Small Oscilloscope DANIU DSO188 Code: 377c78, My review

Batteries and battery chargers

Battery and charger reviews, including comparison between batteries.

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Reviews and articles about DMM's

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Led driver boards, these are used when modifying flashlights, reparing flashlights or build you own led lightning.

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Flashlight reviews and beamshots.

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