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This page is about batteries, chargers, flashlights and sometimes other stuff. Mostly it is reviews, but sometimes I do write articles.
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Last additions: 5V 2A Dual USB Port Wall Power Outlet KI09, Samsung INR21700-30T 3000mAh (Gray), Charger Allmaybe EC2, Soshine 16340 RCR-123 700mAh (Black), USB battery box Blitzwolf QC3 power bank 15600mAh BW-P5, Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L13 2x2.4A, GIF TR16340 2500mAh (Yellow), Battery charge termination test, Charger Energizer Rapid charger CH1HR-2, Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta), Enerpower Wall adapter EP-18WQC3B (Flypower PS18Q090K2000EU), Soshine 9V LiFePO4 320mAh (White), GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White), Charger HXY (Hexinyu) HXY-H6, USB battery box Blitzwolf QC3 power bank 5200mAh BW-P4, Keeppower IMR18650 NH1831 3120mAh (Black) 2016, Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L17 2.4A+1A, Fujitsu High Power AA, Vapcell IMR18650 3100mAh (Red), Charger Panasonic BQ-CC55, YZXStudio USB meter ZY1273, Keeppower IMR18650 NH1835 3500mAh (Black) 2016, Powermaker Alkaline AA, TrustFire IMR14500 700mAh (Red-gold), Bluetooth Car charger BC06, Konig Home charger dual usb IPD-Power40, Vbatty IMR18650 3000mAh V30 (Blue-gold), Soshine 9V LiIon 650mAh (White), Vbatty IMR14500 880mAh (Yellow), Charger Ikea Storhögen 603.306.50, Enerpower Wall adapter EP-L12 2.4A+1A, Jetbeam 14500 750mAh JL148 (Blue-white)

Batteries and battery chargers

Battery and charger reviews, including comparison between batteries.

USB power supplies/chargers and USB power boxes

Review/test of USB equipment for charging.

Article index

Index of all my articles, these articles is also listed on the different category pages.

Led driver tests

Led driver boards, these are used when modifying flashlights, reparing flashlights or build you own led lightning.

Flashlight reviews

Flashlight reviews and beamshots.

Anything else

Anything that does not fit in the above categories.

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